Queen Elizabeth reigned over the UK and it's territories. Margaret Thatcher won her PM seat by a landslide and the punks were protesting austerity yet again on the streets of London and I was there to witness it and photograph it. Octopussy opened in The Royal World Charity Premiere of Octopussy on June 6, 1983 at London's Odeon Leicester Square Theatre in the presence of British Royals King Charles III and Princess Diana of England. My photos of the Royals in attendance were photographed off of the BBC prodcast of the event as were the photos of Elvis Costello performing at Apple Studios. Photos include the ground at Windsor Castle, The Thames with Big Ben in the background, street photogrpahy of punks, pensioners, ladies who lunch and Sloane Street where the Sloane Rangers shopped for the latest fashions. Included are photos of the
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