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BACKYARD POOL, A & A ROOF, UIC, KIDS ON NORTH CLAREMONT ST., SELFIE 1974Black Fest, Washington Park 1981BOUL-MICH BICYCLE RACE 1975BUD BILLIKEN DAY PARADE 1975- ROLLS 1,2,3BUD BILLIKEN DAY PARADE 1981- ROLLS 1,2,3BUD BILLIKEN PARADE, CHICAGO, 2003Buildings and Storefronts 1981'CHICAGO 3-PEAT 1993_ROLL #1CHICAGO 3-PEAT 1993_ROLL #2CHICAGO 3-PEAT 1993_ROLL #3CHICAGO 3-PEAT 1993_ROLL #4Chicago Air and Water Show 2009Chicago Blues Festival, 2009CHICAGO CHRISTMAS PARADE, 1974Chicago in 1974, West Ridge, Downtown, South Shore, Schlitz Circus Wagon at Columbus Day Parade, Selfies, The CTA, Weed Plant on Back Porch,CHINESE FEST 1981Chinese New Year, 1974 Chicago ILCLAREMONT & GRANVILLE Korczak Playlot Park 1975COLUMBUS STATUE, ARRIGO PARK CATHOLIC KIDS W  NUN, TAYLOR STREET STOREFRONTS, UIC NEIGHBORHOOD 1975Disco Demolition Comiskey Park, Chicago IL July 12, 1979DISNEYLAND MARK TWAIN RIVERBOAT 1978Festa Italiana, 1981Gay Pride Parade   Chicago, IL, 1976, 2003, 2008 and 2011GAY PRIDE PARADE- 1976Greek Town Chicago, 1975HALSTED ST MADONNA, CABRINI AND SAGINAW KIDS 1974HALSTED STREET, TAKIS, NO LOITERING, 1975Indo-Pak Parade, 2009INDUSTRIAL AREA NORTH OF UIC, (CIRCLE) & GARBAGE TRUCKS 1975Jewish Festival 1981, West Ridge, ChicagoMaxwell Street 1974MAXWELL STREET 1975, ROLLS 1,2,3,4 & 5MEXICAN CIVIC SOCIETY PARADE 1981MEXICAN CIVIC SOCIETY PARADE 1981, CHICAGO ILSaint Patrick's Day Parade, Chicago 1981Santa's Christmas Fantasy Parade, 1981St. Patrick's Day Parade, 1980Street Views of Downtown Chicago and near South SideUIC AREA, CARNIVAL, TAYLOR STREET, FACTORIES, DOWNTOWN 1975VINTAGE RUSH STREET. ST. JAMES CHURCH, MICHIGAN AVE. MANNEQUINS, HALLOWEEN, MARSHALL FIELDS 1975VON STEUBEN DAY PARADE 1981, CHICAGO IL