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While a student of photography at UIC, the weekends were reserved for photographing the sights and sounds of Chicago which included the bustling Maxwell Street Market. In the early part of the 20th century, the Maxwell Street Market was the populated by successive waves of Jewish immigrants. Push carts rolled through the streets calling out their wares to the families who lived in the densely populated tenement style housing. The open air market was one of the first flea markets that took place on Sunday where you could buy anything that you needed or didn't. The price was reached by haggling back and forth till the deal was made. Blues music and the smell of Polish sausage filled the air. These photos are among my best because they represent the soul and heart of the people who posed for me and my Kodak Retina Reflex lllc. My reflection in the mirrors can be seen in #Roll 1, 010, 015 & 018. Here is a link on the history of Maxwell Street,
Maxwell Street Market
Roll 1, Maxwell Street_001Roll 1, Maxwell Street_002Roll 1, Maxwell Street_003Roll 1, Maxwell Street_004Roll 1, Maxwell Street_005Roll 1, Maxwell Street_006Roll 1, Maxwell Street_007Roll 1, Maxwell Street_008Roll 1, Maxwell Street_009Roll 1, Maxwell Street_010,  DIANE ALEXANDER WHITERoll 1, Maxwell Street_011Roll 1, Maxwell Street_012Roll 1, Maxwell Street_013Roll 1, Maxwell Street_014Roll 1, Maxwell Street_015, DIANE ALEXANDER WHITERoll 1, Maxwell Street_016Roll 1, Maxwell Street_017Roll 1, Maxwell Street_018 ,DIANE ALEXANDER WHITERoll 1, Maxwell Street_019Roll 1, Maxwell Street_020