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It is a challenge to describe what is in the jars in this drug store window in 1975. Blood sucking leeches are the stuff that nightmares are made of. Medical uses of leeches have been used for many centuries including the present one. There's a history of breeding leeches and selling them throughout Europe for medical purposes. In the 1800s because of the wide use of leeches there was inbreeding of the stock that created a vacuum in the market for their medical use. When my grandfather had a stroke in the 1930s leeches were used to lower his blood pressure by blood letting. Unfortunately it did nothing to save his life. In fact the removal of large amounts of blood would be proved fatal in many instances. While in college for photography and design I would purchase photo paper, film and graphic design supplies which led me to the corner of Wabash in Washington to document the Sargent Drugstore window. Sargent's Drugstore is still in business but has moved further north in downtown Chicago. If you would like to enjoy a Hirudotherapy session there are locations in the Chicago are that provide bloodletting sessions.