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In 1977 when I lived on Devon and Kedzie, there was a project that took place along the North Branch of the Chicago River called Deep Tunnel. The project was designed to removed vast quantities of storm water out of the sewer system and hold it in massive pipes until it could be released in the Lake Michigan. Back in those days there were not fences to keep out the curious and I took advantage of those moments to capture the dirt, machines and graffiti that espoused, "Smoke Columbian". The woman in the first photo worked with me in the basement of Bronson Coles Studio where I had my first job as a darkroom tech. It was a great atmosphere that expanded my knowledge in color printing and continued my practice of black and white processing where this roll was brought to life. All of my jobs in my career had darkrooms and that is how I was able to continue processing and archiving what you see today on my web site.