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Photos taken on July 12, 1979 at Comiskey Park of anti-disco fans of WLUP. A disco record and 98 cents was the entry to the double header games between the Chicago White Sox and the Detroit Tigers. The records were blown up in a giant steel dumpster on the baseball field by Steve Dahl. A riot ensued making the baseball field unplayable and the second game of the double header was forfeited by the White Sox. The Chicago Reader published the photos of the fans in the bleachers in an article during the 30th anniversary as did The Chicago Tribune. The photos also appear in Disco Demolition 25th Anniversary: The Real Story, Unsung on TV One The Story of Disco, the movie The Weird World of Blowfly and WTTW's Remembering Chicago the 70's and 80's
Click here to read the most recent interview and account of my experience at Comiskey Park and Disco Demolition.

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